2024: A year of opportunity for deepening Norway-China relations

Vi har mottatt denne kommentaren fra Yan Xiao Xiao som er forsker ved Institute of International Studies ved Shanghai Academy of Social Science:

Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs Espen Barth Eide paid a visit to China from February 5 to 6 where he sent a clear signal: the year 2024, the 70th anniversary of Norway-China diplomatic relations, could be an opportunity for deepening bilateral cooperation.

Although different views on some issues have caused frictions in our diplomatic history, Norway and China share more and more interests in our era of profound changes.

China has been the largest market for Norwegian goods in Asia for several years, the third largest market of sea foods export, and the second largest for exports in 2022. The possible Free Trade Agreement could boost this economic tie.

Besides bilateral trade, Norway and China also share interest in a rules-based multilateral order where negotiations and cooperation are more effective tools than force and hegemony to solve global challenges, such as the ongoing conflict in the West Bank.

Due to the priority of comprehensive green transition in China’s National Program 2035. the Chinese government is eager to enlarge its cooperation with leading countries in green energy. Norway’s technology and experience are important lessons for China’s green energy reform.

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